guide on how to seo your travel website

Guide On How To SEO Your Travel Website

Guide On How To SEO Your Travel Website

If you owned a traveling website, you need it to be optimized for the search engine. This is because you want more visitors to visit your site. Good thing is that I have some tips and tricks that I learn from SEO Malaysia to share with you to propelled your competition to the top of ranking of Google. Let’s get started.

guide on how to seo your travel website

One of the most common areas that many traveling sites ignore is the concept of multi language support. Did you know that many travelers aren’t comfortable with the English language to use it for important things such as making decisions in spending? If you have your website translated to multiple languages, you are going to open up your market base. You can have your website translated to the most common languages used by international tourists. This includes French, Spanish, German, Chinese and also Japanese. You can translate it to a different languages to your websites if you see tourists that commonly speak another language.

It can be a great idea if you check the logs of your site. This is to see which nations visit your website most frequently and then you can translate your websites from there. If there are visitors from a different country that aren’t comfortable in English, then you have another opportunity to attract more visitors by translating into their language.

Besides that, another way to improve your travel site in SEO is by focusing on local searches. Even thought the Internet is kind of a global trend, Google is good at delivering content that is tailored for a particular searcher’s area. This means if a person search in Malaysia for a certain type of info, then it will send a different website compared to someoone else is searching in Singapore. That is why it is rather crucial to have your site up on various individual areas. There are certainly a lot of places that are filled with untapped opportunity for your business regardless if one region of the world is way too competitive.

Another thing if you want to improve your search ranking is to add inviting images to your traveling site. This is because many travelers today will search for Images in Google to find a nice vacation destination. Sometimes, they do not know where they want to travel yet, but they want to find somewhere appealing. Therefore, if you rank well on image search, you will get more visitors to your website that is not being actively courted by main stream travel websites.

Lastly, you can try other video sites especially YouTube, many travelers like to begin planning their vacation by watching some promotional traveling videos online. By displaying these video on your site, you will increase your chance to bring more visitors in!

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