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Even with a small income, a loan is possible to minimize your risk of loss. Guarantee without bank, so that the loan to start a business is possible. This should be as easy, fast and free as possible or at least as low as possible possible for you. Is there a possibility to get a loan in DE?

Is it possible to accept credit and bank transfers with the terminal? 

Is it possible to accept credit and bank transfers with the terminal? 

There is this option, our equipment already meets all the necessary conditions for it. Because our device is delivered pre-assembled with our in-house application, only payments over our entire system – ie crypto compensation – are possible. On the terminal (operating system Android 7.0), however, it is possible to integrate other applications of other payment providers to handle various payment methods via our terminal.

What advantages does the crypto payment software have?

What advantages does the crypto payment software have?

Capital Lender will switch the billing at its fast-charging points at the turn of the year to kWh prices. At all Capital Lender charging points in Germany, 59 cents per kWh are outstanding from the reference date. This traditional company has now informed its customers by e-mail. The Netherlands are already being advertised on the Capital Lender website with billing per kWh.

EnBW has been the pioneer in this country for a kWh-accurate billing. But back to Capital Lender: As an alternative to the electricity price of 59 cents per kilowatt hour started, a so-called “Gold Member” membership will also allow it to charge 35 cents per kilowatt hour for the base price of 11.99 cents per started year. However, as a gold member, the recharge and payment is not possible with a recharge card, but only with a credit or debit card.

At the end of the first quarter of 2019, Capital Lender is said to have expanded its network to 90 channels. In the first quarter of this year, the Dutch have more than tripled their sales compared to the same quarter last year to $ 844,000. In the meantime, Capital Lender intends to list on the Amsterdam Euronext stock exchange in the first half of 2019 in order to improve the conditions for further strong growth momentum.

“This listing will increase financing flexibility and give more investors the opportunity to invest in the megatrend of electromobility,” said Capital Lender CEO Robert Zone. In this context, it is important for investors to get involved in the megatrends of electromobility. As is known, his company claims to build a Europe-wide network with 1,000 quick charging points, of which several hundred are to be based here in Germany. Currently, the parallel expansion of the company is being prepared for Great Britain, Belgium and Switzerland.

This includes setting up five fast loading stations in southeastern England, while Capital Lender is already setting up two stations in Newcastle and southeast England. As the only foreign producer in Switzerland, ASTRA has been awarded the contract by the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) to build fast-loading stations at Swiss service areas.

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